Frequently asked questions

Who is this course for?

Freshers, graduates, manual software testers, QA engineers, software engineers, and non-programming aware testers can easily learn API testing. People looking for Real & LIVE Projects in API Testing.

What is API Testing, Which Tools and Libraries we are learning?

We are going to learn to use the POSTMAN Tool to test APIs manually, Git Basics, Jenkins, and a few more libraries with Core Java for API Automation Rest Assured Library, TestNG, and Maven.

Why learn API Testing?

There is a sudden demand for API testers in the software industry. Millions of Web and mobile applications are using APIs behind the scenes. People who have API Testing added to their resumes are getting higher ranks in companies and are paid more than average testers.

What will you Learn

A complete understanding of APIs and web services Hands-on experience with the POSTMAN tool and API Automation with Rest Assured to work on real-time or live projects.

I have limited exposure to programming, can I do it?

Learner If you're thinking that you do not have any programming experience or you are completely new to programming, then don't worry. This course is going to start from scratch (step by step), covering the basics of Core Java also.

How to report an issue on the app?

For any other issues, please drop an email to with the complete issue details.

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